The Kepler Conference 
Jan. 25 - 28, 2018
Evidence-Based Research Astrology
On Florida's Beautiful Space Coast

Timing & Human Performance
 Advanced Applications for Business 

Research & Development
Building t
he Evidence-Based, Big Data Version

of what astrologers have been trying to do all along  

Artificial Intelligence, Data-Scraping, 

and the Astrological Big-Data Platform

Building the Future of Astrology
Evidence-Based Research + Results You Can Use
w/ Researchers.& Thought Leaders 
from Around the World

Jan. 25-29, 2019

Learn to Do Research 

by Doing Research

in the Research Incubator

New Classes Every Month

Johannes Kepler

from Tertius Interveniens

“It should not be considered unbelievable that
one can retrieve useful knowledge and sacred relics 
from astrological folly and godlessness.
From this filthy mud one can glean even  an occasional 
escargot, oysters or an eel for one’s nutrition; 
in this enormous heap of worm-castings, there are silk-worms 
to be found; and, finally, out of this foul-smelling dung-heap, 
a diligent hen can scratch up an occasional 
grain-seed, indeed, even a pearl or a gold nugget."

Courtney Roberts, M.A.


"An Unspoken, Unconscious Agreement Still Lingers 
Within All Our Public Discourse;
to refuse to treat astrology as anything other than a joke, 
for to do otherwise is to risk scorn and contempt. 
So does that make it safe to assume that living systems are 100% free 
from any solar, lunar or planetary influences?
Does anyone actually believe that?
Instead of automatically dismissing any 'astrological' influences,
let's get on with the post-modern, evidence-based, big data version 
of what astrologers have been trying to do all along."
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